Emmanuel has been sponsored by Linda since September, 2011. He is 11 years old in Primary Class 4 in school. His father died in 2010; his mother is alive but is mentally unstable. The father's successor has not taken responsibility for the family or Emmanuel's health and school needs.


Jones has been sponsored by Shaun since August, 2011. Jones is 12 years old and doing well in Form 3 of secondary school. Both his parents died in 2003. He lives with his grandmother and other family members in a mud brick home. Jones spent his summerholidays in the south of the country


Diland is 10 years old in Primary Class 5. He has been sponsored by Els since February, 2012. His father died while Diland was a baby, and his mother died in 2005. Diland has special health needs and lives with his grandparents, who struggle to support him.


Jenifer has been sponsored by Ursula since November, 2011. Jenifer is 14 years old and a good student in Form 3 of secondary school. Jenifer's father died when she was a baby, and her mother died in 2004. She lives with her grandmother, who is in poor health and unable to work.


Aquila has been sponsored by Vicky from the UK since June, 2011. Aquila is 17 years old, in Lower 6 of high school. She passed the GCE exams with seven subjects out of ten. Her mother died in 2002. She lives with her elderly father, who is very weak and therefore unable to work. Aquila and four other children are all supported by one aunt who lives with them, even though she does not have a regular job. Recently, Aquila has been complaining about her left eye, because the glasses she was using were cracked. She's been prescribed new glasses.

Blaise T

Blaise T has been sponsored since May 2007 by Zofia from Poland. He is 7 years old is currently attending Primary Class 3. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him. His father placed him into an orphanage in Njinikom. He is currently living with his uncle.

Good news!

Congratulations to Destiny and Aquila on passing their GCE O level exams. All of us at the Sponsor an Orphan Project and BERUDA are so proud of them both!