More Information About Sponsoring a Child

Secondary student Dorianne with her grandmother at home.
Sponsor an Orphan
In Cameroon 50% of the population are living in extreme poverty. There is no social welfare system, free education or free healthcare. If you cannot afford school fees or textbooks for your children then they will not go to school. If you cannot afford nutritious food then your children will become malnourished. If your children get typhoid, malaria or fever and you cannot afford the treatment then your children will die.
Under these conditions life in Cameroon is hard, however when a parent dies, both parents die or a child is abandoned, life can become desperate.
Orphaned children will usually be taken in by relatives providing shelter and basic food, however if (and often when) these relatives begin to die through disease, there is no longer a provider for the family and the children. When basic schooling, medication and food cannot be provided for the orphans, this is when BERUDA will step in and try to find an outside provider or sponsor.
The BERUDA Sponsor an Orphan Project was introduced in 2006 and underwent a pilot phase with a limited number of sponsors trialling the program throughout the year. Since 2008 BERUDA has been able to provide a successful program that sponsors can trust will deliver on its promises. Check out the program details at BERUDA's website below and sign up to be an orphan sponsor today.